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  • Developer: Angel Studios, Inc.
  • Genre: Entertainment App
User Rating: chosen app Rating 4.9

chosen app For PC, Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download

The Chosen App: You may watch the series on your mobile devices thanks to the app. It is not necessary to pay to view the episodes. However, unlike free streaming applications, it does not need you to view advertisements in order to access the films. Instead, there’s a pay-it-forward system in place, where users may donate to allow others to watch for free. The plan also includes funding for future episodes of the show.


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The Chosen App For PC, Windows 11/10 macOS Free Download


The Chosen app is simple to use. You’ll be able to see all of the available episodes as well as extra content once the app has been published. Then, by clicking the episode you wish to view, you’ll be sent to the video player. Users may download videos to watch them offline in addition to streaming them online. With its seamless streaming and minimal to no latency, the app can compete with the top platforms in terms of performance.

About The Chosen App

VidAngel’s The Chosen App is a free mobile video streaming platform. The app allows you to watch a multi-season television series on the life of Jesus Christ. It’s completely free to use and doesn’t require you to create an account before you can begin streaming material.

The Chosen is a television drama series that tells the story of Jesus Christ’s life through the eyes of those who witnessed his miracles in the Bible. It’s comparable to streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, except it solely has Christian content.

This is what really makes the The Chosen App for PC, The Chosen App for Windows a really phenomenal platform as it barges and gives competition to the other prominent platforms out there.

The Functionality of The Chosen App

Android multimedia tool for Christians. Wherein Only Christian stuff is available

The Chosen delves into the lives of people who saw Jesus’ miracles, including Simon Peter and Mary Magdalene. The app offers the entertaining experience to your Android device.

However, there isn’t much else to do once you’ve seen the published episodes. Unlike Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, this app focuses solely on Jesus Christ’s tales, along with videos connected to the show.

Simple and easy to understand

This app has a sleek black backdrop with a clear white typography that makes it simple to browse. When you start it up, it will show you all of the available episodes as well as any additional content.

To use it, simply click on the episode you wish to view, and you’ll be sent to a video player with a subtitle tool. You’ll experience little to no latency when watching if you have a good internet connection.

Aside from online streaming, you may also download the video and enjoy it whenever and wherever you like.


There are no adverts in the UI of this free app. While there is no charge to access its material, the pay-it-forward method allows you to contribute donations in various pricing categories to make the content free for everyone else.

This also helps to fund the series’ future filming. As a result, the series is reliant on fans and devout Christians to keep generating content, postponing production until sufficient money are available.

A new approach to Bible instruction

The Chosen is a novel approach of bringing the Bible’s lessons to a younger generation. Viewers may discover the words of God in a modern way using the app. The software is well-designed and includes useful features for a better user experience. Furthermore, the video quality is comparable to that of Hollywood films. There are no other shows to binge-watch on the app, but that isn’t the point.

Characteristics of the The Chosen App

The plot

I believe that the most significant part of a film or television show is the plot.

I despise it when a film ignores its plot and concentrates solely on the message. While the message is vital, if the storyline is lacking, the film comes off as propaganda rather than a tale.

The acting was excellent.

Even the finest tales may be made cheap by bad acting, but the performers in “The Chosen” do an excellent and realistic job.

The series’ driving force.

It’s clear that this show is a labour of love for the creators.

And a lot much more.

This is just a palm of what we can fathom, this app has endless other perks and beneficial notes that we cannot get a hold of, but as you run the chosen on your device and see these shows, you will be able to see it for yourself as to how amazing and spectacular the entire series and the experience it has to offer is.

Pros and Cons of

These are the set of pros and cons that really elope and help us understand the fundamentals of the chosen application.


  • User interface that is easy to utilise
  • Download and use for free
  • There are no advertisements on the UI.
  • Video content of high quality
  • Offline viewing is possible.


  • There is just one show available.
  • Donations are required for production.

FAQs of The Chosen App

How to Download The Chosen App for PC?
Well, it is really simple as the app is already available on the Google playstore and even the apple app store, all that you have to do is install any emulator like BlueStacks and run this app on your PC with the simplest of ease.

Is The Chosen App for Windows good?
The Chosen App for Windows is perfect, you can be in the holy trinity and the arms of god by spectating this amazing and really spectacular series that is totally free of cost and will indeed bewitch you and your minds with the fantabulous ecstasy that it has to offer.

Conclusion on The Chosen App

Our point of view
The Chosen App for PC is a new approach to communicate Bible lessons to the public, blending spirituality with technological ease in a neat little app. It works well and, in general, provides a lot of value for a free mobile streaming service. Do you think you should get it?
Yes, if you’re a fan who wants to help fund future productions. If you’ve already seen it, this software isn’t going to help you much.


User Reviews of The Chosen App


I’ve been a fan of this programme since the beginning, and I’ve enjoyed every “extra.” In my heart and mind’s eye, Jesus is interpreted as I’ve always sensed him. Many of the low app ratings are due to a lack of fresh programming or subtitles for the hearing impaired. I view this as a great endorsement for the show and more like it because they release each programme as soon as it is done (and Season 2 was just completed), while new languages are being translated all the time, and captioning is being planned but not yet accessible.


While trapped at home following my son’s surgery, I binge-watched the first season. He’d walk into the living room and end up remaining for quite some time, asking questions, laughing, and not glancing at his phone! He stayed for the full duration of the remaining two episodes. He posed questions that could only be addressed by beginning anew, which is exactly what we did! This provided us with an excellent chance to not only present the gospel tale, but also to go further into Jesus’ humanity, analyse the historical context, and respond to all of his concerns concerning the “flashbacks” to the Old Testament.


This show is one of my favourites. It has had a significant impact on my life. My connection with God has grown tremendously. Now I’m always trying to satisfy him. He is the Light and the Salvation of my life. Thank you, Dallas Jenkins, for hearing the call and following the Holy Spirit’s guidance in this initiative. So many of us have grown closer to our God as a result of it, and our attention on the Almighty has been refreshed. Reading my Bible now brings me greater pleasure, and I am able to comprehend topics that I previously could not. This play does an excellent job of highlighting the humanity and suffering of both the disciples and Yeshua/Jesus.


This review is based only on the first season of The Chosen.
I was first unconvinced that a truthful and authentic portrayal of Jesus Christ’s work and life could be produced. I was filled with uncertainties and inquiries. Will Jesus’ character exclusively use the Bible’s “red letter” dialogue? Is this a misinterpretation or embellishment of biblical principles, and if so, am I guilty of providing attention and support to incorrect teaching by viewing it? How is it possible for this production to complete multiple seasons of episodes about Jesus Christ’s very brief ministry and life without embellishment?